Erin Espelie

Beyond Expression Bright

2012, 9 minutes, Color, Sound, HD digital video and Super8 film mastered to HD digital video

Our imagination is equally confounded, said the 18th-century Swiss naturalist Charles Bonnet, by the infinitely great and by the infinitely small. Confounding, too, can be the instruments and empirical mechanisms we have to gauge immensity, particularly in their seemingly insurmountable limitations.

A look at the universe, from chaos theory to canker worms, with explanations from three astrophysicists, including Dr. Kate Sholberg.

Beyond Expression Spanish Moss
Beyond Expression Sign
Beyond Expression Worm
Premiere: 50th New York Film Festival, Views from the Avant-Garde, Lincoln Center, NY

Where empiric observation turns into imagination. Beyond Expression Bright walks along the boundary.