Erin Espelie

The Lanthanide Series

Holmium Espelie
Lanthanide Mtn Pass Mine2
Lanthanide Series Oregoncoast

2014, 70 minutes, Color, Sound, HD digital video & 16mm film mastered to DCP

From the portals of personal computing devices to ancient obsidian mirrors, optical instruments control how people see, foresee, frame, record, and remember their lives. The Lanthanide Series meditates on how we understand the world through such material means, with a reliance on history, the Periodic Table, and the people we love.

Lanthanide Mtn Pass Mine
Holmium Espelie I Pad

Part poetry, part chemistry lesson, part landscape film, 

part cinematic exploration, part history and geography lesson, 

part environmental revelation, part magic. The Lanthanide Series 

is something new under the sun. 


- Scott MacDonald

Fascinating investigations into natural phenomena with a poetic approach to photography and cinematic structure that’s reminiscent of the work of Robert Beavers, Nathaniel Dorsky, Jeanne Liotta, and others. The Lanthanide Series fuses poetry and science to create a thrillingly uncategorizable work.

Premiere:  CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014